Dropship supplier - Unusual "No-Watch" wrist watches (UK)

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Dropship supplier - Unusual "No-Watch" wrist watches (UK)

Beitragvon SymonSE » Di 27. Mai 2014, 13:30

We offer unusual "No-Watch" wrist watches from Greenwich, UK.

Retail price is GBP 160-170. Free expedited worldwide (excl. Africa) shipping by EMS in one buisness day. Good commision.

At this time we offer this models:

1) Jewish/Hebrew watch with reverse movement and hebrew letters on the dial
2) Arabic/Islamic/Muslims watch with reverse movement and hundu-arabic digits on the dial
3) Watch with reverse movement
4) Watch with 24-hours movement, single hand and day calendar
5) Single hand watch with day calendar


All models are Limited Edition, just 500/750 pcs. made, induvidualy numbered. Original retail packaging. Certificate of authenticity.

Any questions by ICQ: 296622 or contacts on official "No-Watch" website.

For full details contact with us by contacts on official "No-Watch" UK website. It's easy to find by Google.
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